About us

Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce (IACC)

The objective of the Chamber is to promote and maintain commercial links between Iceland and other Arctic States.

In accordance with the Chamber’s objective it shall guard the commercial interest of its members in respect of the Arctic, organize meetings and conferences concerning common matters on commercial opportunities in the Arctic, organize visits by parties within the business community in the Arctic States and other interested parties, work with governments, universities and other relevant parties in Iceland and abroad, e.g. to co-ordinate commercial related matters with regards to the Arctic and finally render direct services as decided by the Board, i.e. providing information about business contacts, assisting in establishing links between companies and distributing information relating to commerce in the Arctic States.


The Board


  • Birgir Omar Haraldsson, Nordurflug 

  • Elva Gunnlaugsdottir, Arctic Services

  • Gudmundur Petursson, IAV

  • Gylfi Sigfusson, Eimskip

  • Haukur Oskarsson, Refskegg

  • Halldor Benjamin Thorbergsson, SA - Business Iceland

  • Heidar Gudjonsson, Eykon Energy  (chairman)

  • Ingvar Eyfjord, Alftavik (vice-chairman)

  • Runolfur Benediktsson, Islandsbanki


  • Embla Eir Oddsdottir, Icelandic Arctic Co-operation Network

  • Bjarni Mar Gylfason, Confederation of Icelandic Inudstry

  • Thorsteinn Ingolfsson, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

  • Petur Reimarsson, Confederation of Icelandic Employers

  • Asta Kristin Sigurjonsdottir, Fjardabyggd (temporary)