Application for Membership

Who benefits from a membership of IACC?

Those who want to ensure and strengthen the relationship with those who do business in the Arctic Region or have an interest in it. The aim of the Chamber is to promote and maintain business relationships in the Arctic, as well as strengthening the ties in the fields of education, research, culture and politics.

Companies, individuals and organizations, no matter what size, can become members of IACC. The Chamber is a forum that can be used to promote any kind of innovation, improvement in the working environment and strengthen business relationships. A powerful group of companies promotes the work of the Chamber with organizations and the authorities to advance business operations. Becoming a member enables you to influence the work of the Chamber. 

Annual membership fee:

Individuals and organizations:     130£
Companies with under 100 employees:     380£
Companies with over 100 employees     765£


How to become a member of the Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce?

You only need to fill out the application form with the information requested and hit “submit” or download it here.

Application Form: