Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce – Application


Why become a member of the Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce?

To secure and strengthen relationships with those who do business between other arctic states or are interested in doing so. The Chamber’s goal is to improve and maintain trade relations between Iceland and the other arctic states, as well as to strengthen relations in the fields of education, culture and politics.

Companies, individuals and organizations, small or large, can become members of the chamber. The council is a forum that can be used to work towards any kind of progress; improved working environments and further relations. A strong group of members strengthens the council’s advocacy with governments and institutions, to the benefit of your company. With membership, you can influence the tasks and activities of the council.

Individuals:    £130
Companies (fewer than 50 employees):    £380
Companies (More than 50 employees):    £765

Become a member

Icelandic-Artctic Chamber of Commerce

Hús atvinnulífsins

Borgartúni 35

105 Reykjavík


+354 510 7100